Gifts For Sharing

Peter & Paul’s Gifts has a large selection of shareable corporate gifts to choose from. We offer several types of chocolate boxes, savory collections and snack gift baskets, all of which are perfect for a company gift basket. This is also why items within our Gifts for Sharing category fit right at home at any corporate event. Such events are meant to bring together all the staff, clients, customers and/or shareholders, and what better way is there than over delicious food items.

Executive Gifts

Showing appreciation goes a long way in the world of business, and this is most true when it comes to clients and business partners. At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we have put together some of the finest gourmet wine and treats from around the world to show stakeholders how much they mean to you. You can bring a unique touch to any corporate gift basket or executive gifts by customizing it according to the preferences of the recipient.

Administrative Gifts

No business could ever be successful without the contributions of its staff. It’s their talent and hard work that allows for day-to-day operations to run smoothly. Show your staff how much you value their contributions by giving each of them a corporate gift basket. Everything from florals and spa gifts to premium pen sets are available. There’s also the option of customizing these gifts with your company logo or message.


Promotional items are an integral part for any business to have a successful marketing strategy. Utilizing the right promotional items can allow a company to build stronger relationships with existing customers, attract new customers, create brand awareness, motivate employees and celebrate company milestones.

When you select a corporate gift basket from Peter & Paul’s Gifts, you can personalize the item with your company logo and a message. This will allow you to add your company’s unique voice to the gift, and better promote the brand to its audience.


The outdoor colours may change with the seasons, but the décor of the workplace typically remains static. Change things up by adding some seasonal flowers to the communal spaces. Peter & Paul’s Gifts has several different types of floral arrangements to match any season or occasion. We get our flowers from only the best suppliers and local growers to ensure our flower gift baskets are fresh and vibrant.

Weather you’re looking to add some bright seasonal colours to the workplace or want something different to give as a corporate gift, check our floral section today!