While few people like the snow and cold weather of winter, many look forward to celebrating Christmas. It’s a holiday to exchange gifts with loved ones and be merry together. An excellent way of doing this, is by gifting them a Christmas gift basket from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. Our Christmas gift baskets have plenty of goodies inside of them, perfect for spreading some holiday cheer!


Thanksgiving is the holiday when friends and families come together to celebrate all the things they are thankful for and to enjoy each others company. Peter & Paul’s Gifts has several Thanksgiving holiday gift basket options perfect for this occasion. Each is unique in its combination and offering of delicious condiments, meats, savouries and more.

Gift one of these gift baskets to the host of your next Thanksgiving get together. Show them your appreciation for their time and energy put into the meal.


Easter is celebrated across many cities in the World. Although it has a religious significance, it also acts as an indication that spring is on its way. This holiday is usually celebrated with a big gathering and a lot of delicious food.

It’s important that you don’t show up empty-handed if you’re invited to such a celebration. Thankfully, our Peter & Paul’s Gifts team can help! We have several Easter gift baskets, all of which have their own tasty goodies. Gift one of these to the host and/or hostess and bring a smile to their face.

Valentine’s Day

Every year on February 14th, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, the “day of love”. This occasion is an opportunity for couples to express their feelings for one another. From romantic dinners to surprising loved ones with the perfect gift, many go the extra mile to make this day special.

A wide selection of our products can be personalized with unique ideas such as including their name, a significate date or a beautiful note. Show how important a special someone is to you, with Valentine gift baskets from Peter and Paul’s Gifts.

Mother’s Day

Mothers play an important role in our lives. They take care of us when we’re sick, teach us right and wrong, and their love inspire us to be better people.

The Peter & Paul’s Gifts team love their moms and know you love your mom too. That’s why we have an extensive selection of Mother’s Day gift baskets to choose from. Each contains items that cater to different types of moms.

If she’s the type to overwork, there’s relaxation and spa-themed gift baskets. If she’s fond of sweets, we have plenty of tasty gift baskets that feature brand name gourmet chocolates and cookies. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, show her you’re love with one of our gift baskets.

Father’s Day

From the moment you were little, your father taught you the joys of life and motivated you to be the very best you could be. Father’s Day is the perfect day to say “Thank you for always being there!’ At Peter & Paul’s, we cherish this holiday and show our appreciation to all Dad’s with our collection of Father’s Day gift baskets.

Let the team at Peter & Paul’s Gifts help you celebrate the special dad in your life. Whether he’s a fan of wine, sweet and salty kosher snacks, fruits or plants, we have a variety of gift baskets that will bring a smile to his face.


Celebrating a birthday for a special someone in your life? When choosing the perfect gift, ensure you include something unique that makes them say “Wow!” At Peter and Paul’s Gifts, our customers love choosing from our wide selection of birthday gift baskets.

Have fun mixing and matching gourmet foods, signature wines and beers, brand name children’s attire and more! We offer a wide selection of great combinations that are great for friends, colleagues and all members of the family. Birthday’s come around only once a year, so make their day unforgettable with a birthday gift basket.


Anniversaries are created to remind you of a special day that occurs every year. From romantic moments, monumental achievements and milestones, there are many reasons to celebrate this date.

Peter & Paul’s Gifts has a large selection of anniversary gift baskets with the option of adding personalized gifts. This is an instant favourite as they allow you to remind the recipient of how much this date means to you and them. You can also include an engraved gift that include an important message. Whether this day is shared with a significant other, a family member, or is meant to acknowledge the dedication or success of a friend or colleague, an anniversary gift basket will make this day special.


Throughout our lives we work hard to ensure that we experience the world, support our families and make a difference. Retirement is one of the most rewarding milestones to celebrate, as it signifies your contributions, hard work and long-term dedication. It’s also the start of a fresh new chapter for people to explore.

The Peter and Paul’s Gifts collection, is comprised of an exclusive variety of retirement gift baskets for you to choose from. These options are great for celebrating someone you know and reminding them about how proud you are of their efforts and constant drive.


There are many memorable events that should be recognized and congratulated. From a well-deserved promotion at work, to graduating from post-secondary education to marriage, Peter and Paul’s Gifts has the best gifts to help.

As there are a variety of reasons to rejoice, gift baskets are the perfect touch to make the accomplishment stand out. We know how important it is to make this moment count, which is why we’ve created an exclusive collection of gift baskets. Our customers always find the perfect combination of gifts by Peter and Paul’s Gifts.

Get Well

If there is a loved one in your life who is ill, suffering from a traumatic event or having a hard time coping, it’s important to remind them that they’re not alone. As recovery may be a challenging process, sending a nice simple card or taking the time to select a lovely gift, makes all the difference.

By browsing through our catalogue you will be inspired by the extensive variety of options. With our easy to navigate online store, customers enjoy the opportunity to search, browse and buy one of our Get-Well gift baskets. Peter and Paul’s Gifts contain a wide selection of stunning items that can help you express special thoughts and how much you love and care for them.

Thank You

Throughout our lives, we gain a considerable amount of help, support and attention from people who love us and those who are close to us. Saying ‘thank you’ is an important follow-through to appreciate the hard work, dedication and effort the other person as shown. From helping you with an event to holding your hand through challenging moments, one of our Thank You gift baskets will help you acknowledge and appreciate their actions.

At Peter and Paul’s Gifts, all of our products are comprised of items that are fantastic for friends, colleagues and the entire family. We offer specialty Thank You gifts and a majority of our products can be customized to show gratitude for their support and guidance.