Luxurious Gourmet Gift Baskets for the Holidays

November 1, 2018

Seasonal gourmet gift baskets are appreciated by everyone, especially during the holiday season. Presenting your family members and loved ones with a gift basket is a great way to celebrate the holiday spirit. It is something that people can enjoy together and with the weather getting colder, the experts at Peter & Paul’s Gifts have prepared a list of some gift basket ideas to ensure you and your loved ones can stay warm and cozy this holiday season. Read our blog post to find out about our range of gourmet gift baskets.

Epicurean Delight (Large)

The Epicurean Delight is our most popular crate and is packed with everything you will need to prepare a full meal ranging from an appetizer to dessert.  These delectable snacks can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones as it has something for everyone. From bottles of wine and olives to salami and cheese, this crate can satiate your cravings. You can also choose to customize the crate and having it engraved to give it a personal touch.

This mouth-watering crate has fresh salami and cheese that can help elevate your wine night. The Filotea Le Matassine Linguine is a gourmet pasta, made in the traditional Italian way and can pair perfectly with any pasta sauce. A gourmet salt, Loja do Sal, is imported from Rio Major in Portugal and is collected through various ancient processes. Our Deluxe Mixed Nuts are filled with peanuts, beer nuts, cashews and almonds, and is a definite crowd pleaser.


Our team has created this basket with the main theme being relaxation and so, it has all the essentials you will need for a cozy night. The soft and soothing Yankee candle can help set the mood so you can unwind and relax. The Back and Head Massagers are both stainless steel and a conduit of healing energy. Use them to gently massage your problem areas and hard to reach places.

Indulge in the Lindt Lindor Assorted Box of Chocolates with a delectably smooth centre filled with milk chocolate. Our Snack Tales Butter Pretzels are lightly salted, crunchy and are a staple item. Also, the classic Martelli Biscotti are perfect when paired with your favourite coffee, sweet wine or tea.

Ultimate Indulgence (Large)

gourmet gift collection

This attractive, oversized and multipurpose wooden chest comes with a metal lock and trim. The gourmet gift basket is filled with some of our fan favourite salty, savoury and sweet treats which are perfect for sharing. The wooden chest is bursting with treats for your family and loved ones to enjoy together, making it the ultimate indulgence.

It contains McCrea’s Deep Chocolate Caramels which is a traditional caramel infused with a contemporary dark chocolate cocoa blend. The La Favorita Artichoke & Garlic Cream is an award-winning spread and is made using only the best quality artichokes, olive oil and garlic. The product does not include any preservatives and the smooth texture of the cream makes it perfect to be spread on to a pizza, pasta or crostini. The Castello Brie Cheese in the chest is soft and has a mild and aromatic taste which is quite similar to a Camembert.

Cozy Up

The appetizing crate is well-made, customizable and brimming with hand-picked products to compliment an ideal night in. With both savoury and sweet snacks in the combination, the only thing you need to do is open up a bottle of wine, relax under the comfortable and luxurious blanket that is also provided which is woven to perfection.

The intense Santome Moro Merlot Red Wine has a fragrance similar to red berries like strawberries and raspberries and is combined with a subtle floral note. If you are looking for an elegant fruit spread, you’ll love our Fig & Port Spread which has luscious and sweet figs. The fresh Pistachios are lightly salted and provide numerous health benefits too. Tyrell Sea Salt Cracked Black Pepper Chips are hand-cooked and has the perfect balance of sea salt and black pepper.

Peter & Paul’s Gifts specializes in gourmet gift baskets and offers numerous options you can choose from. With the holidays approaching, it’s a great idea to get an early start on your shopping since it will bring you peace of mind. You can browse through our website and pick out a gift basket that suits your style, taste and needs.