All My Love


Just imagine the feeling of seeing her open this personally engraved crate to uncover a delicious bottle of Sparkling wine accompanied by succulent sugarfina bubbly bears and melt in your mouth English cranberry biscuits.  Memorable gifts are the ones that can be enjoyed right away and that is definitely the case with the “All My Love” gift box.  Engrave your favourite message on the crate lid or simply her name.


Engraved Wood Crate with Locking Hinge

Santhomas Cuvèe Pinot Grigio:  Rosé sparkling wine made with Pinot Noir grapes. A special cuvée of flavours with fragrances both floral and fruity.

Sugarfina Bubbly Bears: Imported from Germany these Champagne Bears come with a sour twist. Classic Champagne-infused gummy bears are dusted in sweet and tart sugar crystals for a sophisticated taste that really “pops.” Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne. A Sugarfina exclusive. Non-alcoholic.

Farmhouse Floral Cranberry Biscuits: Beautifully detailed nostalgic Floral Canister containing traditionally made Cranberry Biscuits.