Baby Bedtime Essentials


This basket was specially crafted for little ones who need a little more TLC at bedtime. Featuring a comfortable 100% cotton sleeper, soft muslin cotton swaddling blanket, plush cuddler, and a heartwarming bedtime story, your little one will be falling fast asleep in no time.


Printed Sleeper:  Get your little one ready for bedtime with this adorable 100% cotton sleeper. The soft stars and moon pattern on this sleeper are perfect to set the bedtime mood.

You and Me, Me and You Book   A staple in every bedtime routine, this heartfelt book about the bond between a father and his child is the perfect story to put your little one to sleep. With bright pops of colour within the illustrations, this book is a welcome addition to any bookshelf.

Aurora 10’ Plush Cuddler: This plush cuddler is the perfect nighttime companion for your little one. The ultra-soft plush is comforting to the touch, and is the perfect size for your little one to cuddle with.

Perlim Pinpin Muslin: Soft and cozy, this blanket will swaddle your little one with love. This 100% cotton muslin swaddle blanket is pre-washed, lightweight and versatile. Use as a first blanket, a stroller cover and many more ways, the list is endless!

Age Blocks:  These are a creative and adorable way to keep track of your baby’s growth. Use as a photo prop, or simply as nursery décor.