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All aboard the Sail Away gift set! An ocean blue sweater knit outfit and blanket, plaid layette, age blocks, and much more packed into his own sailboat, your little boy will be sailing the high seas in style!

***Adorable baby not included.


  • Knit Outfit: This soft and cozy navy blue sweater knit outfit will not only leave your little boy feeling comfy, but he’ll be looking adorable, too!
  • Knit Blanket: Matching the cozy knit outfit, this navy blue knit blanket will have your little boy feeling extra comfy for those sea adventures!
  • Undershirt & Bib: Patterned with anchors and stars, this undershirt and bib set will make your little boy the “Captain Adorable”!
  • Age Blocks: Keep track of how fast your little boy is growing with these age blocks, perfect for photo ops!
  • Layette: Perfect for playtime on the floor, this blue plaid layette will make any hard surface feel comfy!

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