Chillin’ Deluxe


Throw the perfect lavish event with this basket filled with handpicked gourmet items from around the world! Featuring a gorgeous bronze metal pedestal style bottle chiller as well as the new Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne, you are sure to be the talk of the evening with everything this wonderfully curated basket has to offer!

Napkins: this set of gorgeous printed napkins is the perfect accessory to add to any gathering!

Snowball Mints: Festive and fun, these scotch mints are perfect for after meals and go perfectly with the holiday spirit!

Smoked Salmon: Naturally smoked in Canada, this wonderful savoury smoked salmon is simple and elegant. Simply open up the box, and serve atop fresh crackers!

Gardiners Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge: Enjoy this meltingly delicious fudge made with rich Belgian dark chocolate and Hebridean Sea Salt. Prepared by hand in small batches using traditional Scottish methods gives you this luxurious fudge infused with rich Belgian chocolate.

Van Den Berg All Butter Sugar Biscuits: Baked in the traditional knot shape, these all butter cookies are flaky yet soft at the same time. Sprinkled with a dusting of sugar, and these scrumptious cookies are simply irresistible!

Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Filled Wafer Rolls: Baked in the USA, these artisan rolled wafer rolls are filled with a rich creamy chocolate hazelnut filling, making them an irresistible snack!

Jubileu Dark Chocolate Assorted Covered Nuts: The perfect balance between sweet and salty, this nut assortment is made with whole almonds and hazelnuts coated in a layer of dark chocolate.

Butter Pretzels: : Crunchy and lightly salted, these smooth butter pretzels are an old time favourite and are a staple snack food item!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Milk Truffles:  Guylian artisanal seahorse milk chocolate truffles are made with the finest Belgian milk chocolate and filled with a velvety smooth milk chocolate truffle, perfect as an indulgent personal treat.

Chocolate Pretzel Cookies: A gorgeous box filled to the brim with lightly salted pretzels dipped in a rich and creamy milk chocolate.

Tyrell Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Chips: A crunchy celebration of a time honoured marriage: sea salt and the most cracking of spices- black pepper, these chips are Hand-cooked in England, and packed in a protective atmosphere to keep things super crunchy and fresh

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne: The first and only champagne especially created to be enjoyed over ice. It has an intense fruit bouquet with powerful aromas of mango, guava, nectarine and raspberry.