Crowd Pleaser


One of our best sellers, this solid wood tray with inserts is complimented by 3 mason jars filled with our top selling treats! Filled with various nuts, pretzels and candies, add a touch of fun to any office space or desk with this unique piece!

3 Mason Jars: These glass mason jars with metal fastenings are the perfect compartment to store treats! The tightly sealing lid keeps food fresh for longer, and the timeless silhouette of the mason jar livens up any living or office space!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Lightly salted pretzels dipped in a rich and creamy milk chocolate.

Jujubes: Everyone’s favourite childhood candy, these delectable gummies are bright and tasty.

Chocolate Covered Peanuts: An irresistible milk chocolate layer covering traditional peanuts makes for the perfect sweet yet savoury snack to munch on.

Cashews: These delicious cashews are lightly salted and tasty, making them the perfect snack for any occasion.

Youth Mix: A balanced mix of premium assorted nuts and pieces of dried fruit complement each other to create this sweet yet salty snack!

Pistachios: These delicious pistachios are lightly salted, and have a ton of wonderful health benefits making them all the more fun to snack on!

Wooden Tongs: The perfect addition to accompany this tray of sharable treats!