Cuisine Favour


A carefully hand-picked collection of some of our finest imported organic foods will be sure to let your mind escape to the beautiful sunsets of Italy, the eternal blue waters of Greece and the cultured streets of Spain! This handcrafted wooden board presents a delicious sparkling wine juice alongside, nuts, jelly, crackers, organic chocolate, our exclusive olive oil and more!



Gavioli Sparking White Grape Juice: All of Gavioli’s juices are made from fresh pressed grapes, allowing no added sugar to be utilized. The white grape blend uses the juices from fresh white grapes–not concentrates–to deliver a fresh fruit taste it its sparkling body.

Tarall’Oro Tarallini al finocchio with Fennel: Imported from Bari, Italy. This crunchy and addictive traditional flavoured Italian bread snack is light and a perfect snack for any time of the day.

Flagrants Desirs Organic Dark Quinoa Chocloate: Premium 72% dark chocolate is loaded with pieces of whole quinoa, adding a unique texture to this tasty treat!

Peter & Paul’s Pistachios:These delicious pistachios are lightly salted, and have a ton of wonderful health benefits making them all the more fun to snack on!

Niagara On The Lake Tracy’s Hot Pepper Jelly: This jelly is like no other! A Chardonnay base with Apple and Jalapeño makes a fantastic pairing with most meat and veggy dishes!

Way Better Snacks Black Bean Corn Tortilla Chips: These tortilla chips sprouted with flax and quinoa are ready to rock your snack time! A deliciously craveable, crunchy chip that’s both delectably dippable or just right on its own.

My Mother’s Exclusive Olive Oil: The same heavenly olives, grown by our family, are also pressed to make a deliciously fragrant olive oil.

Ines Rosales Rosemary, Olive Oil & Thyme Tortas: These unique handcrafted tortas are delicious, toasted and crunchy; featuring aromatic notes of rosemary and thyme that will remind you of the Mediterranean with every bite.

Potted Succulent: A beautiful succulent is the perfect addition to brighten up any living or office space!