Entertainer’s Delight Large

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Packed into a sturdy wooden wine crate, this handpicked selection of gourmet items perfect for entertaining family and friends is definitely a show stopper! With items to meet everyone’s tastes, such as fresh cheese, Parmesan and artichoke dip mix, chocolate macaroons and much more, this basket will ensure that all your guests’ food desires are met! Includes a small bamboo cutting board, that is perfect for serving fresh cheeses.

Elby Board:  This beautiful sleek bamboo cheese board is just the perfect size to serve fresh cheese on!

Succulent Wrapped in Burlap: A beautiful succulent is the perfect addition to brighten up and living or office space!

Ines Rosales Rosemary, Olive Oil & Thyme Tortas: These unique handcrafted tortas are delicious, toasted and crunchy; featuring aromatic notes of rosemary and thyme that will remind you of the Mediterranean with every bite

My Mother’s Olives: Our family grows a selection of olives, which are shipped directly to our facility and marinated to perfection

My Mother’s Olive Oil: The same heavenly olives, grown by our family, are also pressed to make a deliciously fragrant olive oil

Fresh Parmesan Cheese: This premium fresh parmesan is the high quality cheese that will elevate any charcuterie or wine night!

Collection 82 Pesto: This classic basil pesto adds a delightfully refreshing kick when tossed into fresh pastas, or used as a meat or fish marinade!

Peter & Paul’s Pistachios: These delicious pistachios are lightly salted, and have a ton of wonderful health benefits making them all the more fun to snack on!

Ma’s Kitchen Bark: : With a recipe that’ll taste just like grandma used to make, this handcrafted chocolatey butterscotch nuts bar will definitely win anyone over. Made with whole ingredients, this bark from Ma’s Kitchen is an all-time favourite for any age!

Collection 82 Peaches: Made in Ohio, these sweet sliced peaches are the perfect addition to any dessert! We recommend pairing with vanilla ice cream for a fruity kick!

Real Treat Pantry Chocolate Macaroons: Handmade, these chocolate macaroons are made with fine Italian dark chocolate and packed with shredded coconut. A simple yet scrumptious dessert

Gourmet Village Parmesan & Artichoke Baked Dip Seasoning: Just add Cream Cheese, Sour Cream and a can of chopped Artichokes, mix, bake and serve. Fresh from the oven, the richest & tastiest dip ever with melted cheese on top, ready to enjoy with crusty bread or crackers.


*For shipments outside the Greater Toronto Area product may be substituted for an artificial alternative


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