Fazup – Phone Radiation Protection


Fazup is the newest and latest phone trend on the market! Your mobile transmits electromagnetic radiation that is potentially harmful. Why put yourself at risk when it is so easy to reduce your exposure to this radiation? Using and recommending Fazup is choosing to protect yourself, your family and friends, against radiation whose impact on our health is the subject of numerous scientific studies, and is a much debated topic in our society. Applying the Fazup patch at the back of your mobile phone is enough to reduce by up to 99% the amount of radiation that is absorbed by your head and your body (SAR norms*).

Fazup pack contains:

  • The Fazup patch
  • Positioning tool to place the Fazup patch that corresponds to your compatible mobile phone
  • A small non-stick silicone utensil that can be used on the ‘sticky’ side of the patch in orde to ensure the correct positioning of the patch in the positional tool
  • User Guide with additional recommendations on how to use your mobile phone responsibly

The box and its contents are entirely recyclable!

Designed for: iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia/Microsoft, Sony, Motorola, Wiko, & Huawei phones.