Great Eats Small


This rustic wooden slot crate is filled with our favourite gourmet treats to satisfy even the most unique snack food cravings!

Tutti Bites Pistachio & Anise: Indulge with this gluten free Pistachio Anise bites and feel good about it! Just a third of a bag will keep your energy levels up, making this a great travel companion!

Collection 82 Sea Salt & Caramel Popcorn: Premium popping corn is coated in a rich caramel sauce then lightly sprinkled with whole sea salt.

Real Treat Salted Caramel with Fennel Shortie: This shortbread cookie made with brown sugar, browned butter and bits of salted caramel are flavoured with fennel giving it that exquisite taste leaving you wanting more.

Dear Crete Traditional Almond Biscuits: Delicious, crunchy, double baked biscuits. Flavoured with almond pieces, this traditional cookie is a healthy Cretan favourite.

Jody’s Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn: Gourmet popping corn is drizzled with a coating of white and dark chocolate to create this decadent delicious treat

Flagrants Desirs Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar: Premium 70% dark chocolate is loaded with pieces of whole quinoa, adding a unique texture to this tasty treat!

Butter Pretzels: Crunchy and lightly salted, these smooth butter pretzels are an old time favourite and are a staple snack food item!