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Through the perfect fusion of savoury and sweet snacks atop a classic wood tray, this basket is specially designed to satisfy everyone’s snack cravings and be the centerpiece of any gathering. Coming in four different sizes, this basket will definitely be a crowd pleaser for a group of any size!

Chocolat Classique Cocoa Truffles: Made in Canada, these decadently smooth chocolate truffles are coated with a dusting of fine cocoa powder to give it that scrumptiously exquisite taste.

Cherrington Coconut Milk Chocolate: Made in Canada using a traditional Belgian recipe, milk chocolate pieces are infused with coconut in each of these individually wrapped milk chocolate bites.

Butter Pretzels: If you love salty, crunchy pretzel goodness, then you are in for a treat! This buttery pretzel has a delicious crunch and is baked with a mild, but savory buttery flavor

Neal Brothers Medium Salsa: Made only with whole and fresh ingredients, this salsa has the perfect subtle kick of heat to compliment any chip.

Oublis Butter Biscuit Rolls: Crispy and thin, these butter rolls made in Belgium are rich and creamy, making them a perfect snack.

Collection 82 Smore’s Mix Popcorn: Premium popping corn is first dipped in a caramel coating then drizzled with a rich dark and white chocolate. Pieces of fluffy marshmallow and graham crackers is then added to the mix to finish off this delicious Smore’s mix.

Walker’s Shortbread: Walkers traditional pure butter shortbread are made using a classic family recipe which is baked to perfection in the heart of the Scottish highlands. Walkers shortbread has a delicious buttery taste unlike any other.

Water Bridge Indulgence Milk Chocolate Wafers: These milk chocolate enrobed vanilla wafers are a classic recipe with a delicious chocolate twist. The light and flaky vanilla wafer pairs perfectly with the sweet and creamy milk chocolate, creating the perfect snack.

Tyrell Sea Salt Cracked Black Pepper Chips: A crunchy celebration of a time honoured marriage: sea salt and the most cracking of spices- black pepper, these chips are Hand-cooked in England, and packed in a protective atmosphere to keep things super crunchy and fresh

Neal Brothers Organic Tortilla Chips: The perfect simple pairing to any dip or salsa. Made with only 3 ingredients, you can be sure that these chips are made authentically with only the most premium ingredients.

Chocola`s Crispy Thin Dark Chocolate Wafers: These scrumptious thin dark chocolate bites are the perfect balance between crispy wafer and savoury soft chocolat