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Through the perfect fusion of savoury and sweet snacks atop a classic wood tray, this basket is specially designed to satisfy everyone’s snack cravings and be the centerpiece of any gathering. Coming in four different sizes, this basket will definitely be a crowd pleaser for a group of any size!

Neal Brothers Medium Salsa: Made only with whole and fresh ingredients, this salsa has the perfect subtle kick of heat to compliment any chip.

Saxon Chocolates Chocolate Covered Cherries: Sweet red cherries coated in a unique glossy red Belgian chocolate. The perfect pairing of fruit and chocolate.

Saxon Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Handmade Truffles: An assortment of the finest truffles filled with silky smooth chocolate ganache and drenched in a thick coat of pure Belgian chocolate.

Cashews: These delicious cashews are lightly salted and tasty, making them the perfect snack for any occasion.

Cupido Tiramisu Dessert Cups: Rich and creamy with a delicate tiramisu filling, these decadent dessert cups are any sweet tooth’s dream

Fine French Truffles: These delicate chocolate truffles combine butter, cream, smooth Belgian chocolate and a dusting of cocoa for the perfect melting experience on your tongue.

Collection 82 Smore’s Mix Popcorn: Premium popping corn is first dipped in a caramel coating then drizzled with a rich dark and white chocolate. Pieces of fluffy marshmallow and graham crackers is then added to the mix to finish off this delicious Smore’s mix.

Water Bridge Indulgence Milk Chocolate Wafers: These milk chocolate enrobed vanilla wafers are a classic recipe with a delicious chocolate twist. The light and flaky vanilla wafer pairs perfectly with the sweet and creamy milk chocolate, creating the perfect snack.

Butter Pretzels: If you love salty, crunchy pretzel goodness, then you are in for a treat! This buttery pretzel has a delicious crunch and is baked with a mild, but savory buttery flavor

Van Den Berg Caramel Sugar Twists: These traditional soft yet flaky sweet biscuits from The Netherlands have been made through artisan methods since 1922. With only the finest pure ingredients, these lightly sugar dusted caramel twists are a true delight!

Jubileu Chocolate Covered Assorted Nuts: The perfect balance between sweet and salty, this nut assortment is made with whole almonds and hazelnuts coated in a layer of assorted milk and white chocolates.

Nutty Thins Roasted Almond & Sweet Chili: Roasted almonds and sweet chili paired with dark Belgian chocolate make this an irresistible fusion of flavours. Made only with natural ingredients, these Nutty thins take the guilt out of indulging in a chocolate covered snack.

Authentic Italian Pasta Chip: Inspired by an authentic Italian snack from Tuscany, Each chip is carefully cut and then baked until golden. Add a little taste of Italy to any dips and cheeses, or simply enjoy from the bag!

Moonlight Mixes Wicked Snack Mix: Made with pecan halves, cashews, almonds, plus 4 other tasty morsels, these components are then spiced with a wicked spice brew resulting in a tasty unique snacking experience.

Chocola`s Crispy Thin Dark Chocolate Wafers: These scrumptious thin dark chocolate bites are the perfect balance between crispy wafer and savoury soft chocolate.

Tago Excellent Finest European Biscuit Variety: This box includes a variety of mouth-watering cookies for every occasion. Made only with the finest ingredients to bring the authentic European taste to you.

Oublis Butter Biscuit Rolls: Crispy and thin, these butter rolls made in Belgium are rich and creamy, making them a perfect snack.

Hard Bite BBQ Chips: The smokin’ BBQ chips give you hot, seasoned flavour you want with a fresh off the grill comforting feel. These hand cooked potatoes ensure that every bite is crunchy, and flavoured to perfection.

Neal Brothers Organic Tortilla Chips: The perfect simple pairing to any dip or salsa. Made with only 3 ingredients, you can be sure that these chips are made authentically with only the most premium ingredients.

Indulge Gourmet Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn: A proudly Canadian company, Indulge Gourmet uses only the finest ingredients to create this delectable sweet yet savoury snack


* Due to increasingly warm weather, we are unable to ship fresh cheese, salami and certain chocolates outside the Greater Toronto Area. All items will be replaced with a similar item of equal or higher value.