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Handy Boy

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This creative tool bench by Janod includes magnetic tools, a clock to learn to tell time as well as a chalkboard for writing. Your little one is sure to have a blast building and taking apart objects with the 40 pieces this bench comes with. Featuring adjustable legs to grow taller as your child grows, this bench is perfect for any age! This set also includes a 3 piece knit outfit as well as a story book to compliment any type of playtime.


3 piece knit outfit:  This is the perfect outfit for your little one to simply lounge or play in. The long sleeve knit top with a star pattern is complimented by a pair of light blue pants with a grey stripe detail, and the outfit is finished off with an adorable blue beanie with little ears.

Jimmy Fallon “Everything is Mama” Book: Written by the Emmy Award and Grammy Award Winner Jimmy Fallon, this cute yet funny book takes a new twist on classic bedtime stories. Loved by parents and children alike, this book is a staple in every kid’s bookshelf.

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