Midnight Treat

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Who doesn’t love a midnight treat? This carefully selected haxagon floral designed base features an assortment of goodies that are sure to satisfy that late night tip toe down to the kitchen.  Make a pot of tea with this beautiful Tea Forte steeped tea pot that comes paired with a refreshing mint tea & our signature honey.  Last but not least satisfy that craving with some melt in your mouth salted caramel shortbread cookies accompanied with Belgian chocolate.


Tea Forte Tea Pot:  cheerful attitude and foolproof steeping system will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover. The durable, gloss-glazed ceramic teapot with improved stainless steel infusing basket steeps 24 ounces of tea, perfect for sharing with a friend.

Mug with Gold Lip Detail: Gorgeous and girly, this white ceramic mug with gold details is the perfect mug to sip tea out of when relaxing!

By Peter’s & Pauls Signature Honey With Dipper: Honey gathered from mountains in Greece, which give an incredible wild aroma to this thick and sweet honey, perfect for fresh bread and cheese platters.

Sloane Marrakesh Mint Tea: This tisane delivers delicate notes of fine cut peppermint leaves that mingle perfectly with anti-oxidant rich South African green rooibos, creating an infusion that is as refined as it is refreshing.

Real Treat Salted Caramel Shorties with Fennel: These shortbread cookies made with brown sugar, browned butter and bits of salted caramel are flavored with fennel giving it that exquisite taste leaving you wanting more.

Dolfin Milk Chocolate with Salted Butter Caramel: Milk chocolate enhanced by creamy, crunchy butterscotch caramel.


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