Mixed Metals


Featuring a stunning silver crosshatched bucket with gold metal handles, this mixed metal multipurpose bucket is filled with hand selected items perfect for hosting a gourmet gathering! Fill the bucket with ice, and use as a bottle chiller for that added touch of flair!

In support of Humber River Hospital

Griffs Coffee Toffee:  Rich toffee is flavoured with premium coffee, with slices of pecan delicately mixed into it to create this delightful treat. Coated with a generous amount of dark chocolate, this treat is sure to be a crowd favourite!

Dolfins Chocolate Biscuits: A wonderful creamy Belgian milk chocolate covered biscuit is the perfect luxurious snack!

Crab House Crunch Peanut Squares: That hard to resist combination of sweet and salty makes these peanut squares irresistible. It comes dusted with Blue Crab Bay’s signature Chesapeake seasoning for a little fire!

Ma`s Kitchen Bark: With a recipe that’ll taste just like grandma used to make, this handcrafted chocolatey butterscotch nuts bar will definitely win anyone over. Made with whole ingredients, this bark from Ma’s Kitchen is an all-time favourite for any age!

Cookie It Up Triple chocolate Chip Cookie:  Handmade with whole ingredients, the decadent fusion of milk, dark and white chocolate makes these cookies a sublime experience for any chocolate lover.

East Shore Seasoned Pretzels: These are made with the original East Shore pretzel recipe, with an additional kick of flavour. Seasoned with a handpicked bunch of fresh herbs and spices, these pretzels add a wonderful burst of flavour when dipped or eaten alone

Jubileu Chocolate Covered Nuts: The perfect balance between sweet and salty, this nut assortment is made with whole almonds and hazelnuts coated in a layer of dark chocolate.

Jody`s Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn: Gourmet popping corn is drizzled with a coating of white and dark chocolate to create this decadent delicious treat!

Collection 82 Smore`s Mix Popcorn: Premium popping corn is first dipped in a caramel coating then drizzled with a rich dark and white chocolate. Pieces of fluffy marshmallow and graham crackers is then added to the mix to finish off this delicious Smore’s mix

Jody’s Artisanal Kettle Corn: Jody’s kettle corn is an old fashioned romance between salty and sweet that will put a smile on your face every time. It has tons of natural flavour, only 5 ingredients and relatively little guilt!