Modern Cheese Board


A simple slate board accompanied by cheese markers will add a touch of fun to any cheese board! This modern board is topped with the perfect fixings for an unforgettable cheese tasting.


Castello brie cheese: A soft, white cheese with a mild, slightly aromatic taste. It has a soft, almost spreadable texture with a taste that is similar to camembert. This cheese is paired perfectly with crispy vegetables, fresh bread, roasted hazelnuts, fruity aromatic wine and much more!

Peter & Paul’s Beer Nuts: Premium honey roasted peanuts that are lightly salted to make the perfect snack option.

J&M Holiday Spice Tea Cookies: Perfect for the holiday season when paired with a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate. These cookies feature a blend of chai, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger flavours, making them irresistibly delicious.

Collection 82 Black Olive Tapenade: Created using only the finest olives, this tapenade is the perfect spread to go with crusty breads or crackers.

East Shore Seasoned Pretzels: These are made with the original East Shore pretzel recipe, with an additional kick of flavour. Seasoned with a handpicked bunch of fresh herbs and spices, these pretzels add a wonderful burst of flavour when dipped or eaten alone.

McCrea’s Dark Chocolate Caramels: Traditional caramels are infused with a modern dark chocolate cocoa blend, making these a delectable treat.