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Muskoka Stars


The Perfect set designed to spend a night cuddled with your little one by the fire or under the stars. Features a beautifully illustrated and heartwarming storybook, an adorable Kushies pajama set with an X and O pattern to ensure your baby is always covered in hugs and kisses, as well as a black and white checkered fleece blanket and burp cloth to ensure your little one stays warm and cozy.


Checkered Blanket: This baby blanket by Cosy Care is handmade in Canada, and made only with 100% premium cotton. With a gorgeous checkered print, this blanket is perfect for your little one to cuddle up by the fire, or in bed in. Extremely versatile, this blanket is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Checkered Burp Cloth This burp cloth made by Cosy Care is handmade in Canada with 100% premium cotton. Featuring the signature black and white checkered print, this burp cloth pairs perfectly with the checkered baby blanket in this set.

Twinkle Book:  This exciting adventurous children’s book about friendship is a must read. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, this book is the perfect story to tuck your little one into bed to.

Kushies 2 Piece “Hello I’m New Here” Set:  This gorgeous set from Kushies is made from 100% premium cotton that is designed to be smooth and comfortable against baby’s skin. Easily a parent’s favourite go to lounging outfit, this set features 2 pieces including black pajama pants with an X and O print as well as a black long sleeve onesie with snap button features at the bottom.


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