Olive Green Crate


Everything you need for the perfect gourmet charcuterie night, packed in a gorgeous wooden crate. Includes, red wine, olives, fresh salami, cheese and more! Get the crate engraved for an added personal touch. This magnificent wooden crate comes complete with everything you need to host the perfect gourmet dinner among friends and family.  Includes a carefully selected black olive bruschetta, paired with brie cheese on top of a rosemary & sea salt crisp is something words cannot describe.  This crate of wonders also features My Mother’s Olives and Olive Oil, Pesto and a “black” pasta combination that is sure to leave everyone wonderfully surprised.  Bon Appétit!


My Mother’s Olives: Our family grows a selection of olives, which are shipped directly to our facility and marinated to perfection.

Collection 82 Pesto: This classic basil pesto adds a delightfully refreshing kick when tossed into fresh pastas, or used as a meat or fish marinade!

Dora Real Gourmet Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce: A product of Italy this handcrafted sauce blends perfectly with the spaghetti (included).

Amore Italiano Black Olives Bruschetta: Imported straight from Italy this delicious spread is infused with black olives, extra virgin olive oil and salt.  Natural, simple and just like the way Nonna made it!

Castello brie cheese: A soft, white cheese with a mild, slightly aromatic taste. It has a soft, almost spreadable texture with a taste that is similar to camembert. This cheese is paired perfectly with crispy vegetables, fresh bread, roasted hazelnuts, fruity aromatic wine and much more!

Ace Bakery Rosemary & Sea Salt Artisan Crisps: ACE Rosemary and Sea Salt Baguette Crisps are crafted with simple, premium ingredients, natural starters, and absolutely no preservatives.

Tarall’oro Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia:  Imported from the kitchen in Italy, durum wheat semolina pasta with squid ink. A great addtion with your favorite sauce and seafood.

My Mother’s Olive Oil: The same heavenly olives, grown by our family, are also pressed to make a deliciously fragrant olive oil.

Thick Cut Wooden Board: Beautifully handcrafted wooden board adds that extra touch when serving this delectable assortment of gourmet foods.

Wooden Spoon Set & Tea Towel: Handcrafted and versatile spoon set that are durable enough for cooking, the spoons also make great serving pieces.