On Ice


Silver ice bucket containing favorites such as dark chocolate fudge, pretzels, nuts and a sparkling prosecco.

Cashews: These delicious cashews are lightly salted and tasty, making them the perfect snack for any occasion

East Shore Seasoned Pretzels: These are made with the original East Shore pretzel recipe, with an additional kick of flavour. Seasoned with a handpicked bunch of fresh herbs and spices, these pretzels add a wonderful burst of flavour when dipped or eaten alone

Prosecco: Prosecco in its dry version, the right balance between flavour and aroma.

Gardiners Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge: Enjoy this meltingly delicious fudge made with rich Belgian dark chocolate and Hebridean Sea Salt. Prepared by hand in small batches using traditional Scottish methods gives you this luxurious fudge infused with rich Belgian chocolate.