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The perfect amount of gourmet snacks to pair with a bottle of wine sit atop a wonderfully smooth bamboo cutting board. This set makes for the perfect gift to share among two people for an elegant night in. Engrave the cutting board to add that extra special touch!

Peter & Paul’s Mixed Nuts: Filled with cashews, almonds, peanuts and beer nuts, this mix of nuts is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Collection 82 Black Olive Tapenade: Created using only the finest olives, this tapenade is the perfect spread to go with crusty breads or crackers.

Brie Cheese Spread: Lightweight yet creamy, this premium cheese spread is savoury and rich, complimenting every cracker perfectly

Cherrington Water Crackers: Made in Canada, these simple water crackers are the perfect base for any spreadable cheese or dip!

Chocolat Classique Cocoa Truffles: Made in Canada, these decadently smooth chocolate truffles are coated with a dusting of fine cocoa powder to give it that scrumptiously exquisite taste.

Pirovano Soave DOC 2015 White Wine: This wine is fresh and floral with notes of green apple, marzipan and rock melon.


* Due to increasingly warm weather, we are unable to ship fresh cheese, salami and certain chocolates outside the Greater Toronto Area. All items will be replaced with a similar item of equal or higher value.

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