Robert Munsch Board Books


Send the gift of reading one (or all) of these newly released Robert Munsch Board Books.

About the Author:

  • ROBERT MUNSCH likes to use kids he meets on his storytelling adventures across Canada and the U.S. in his books. For more information about Rober Munsch, visit his website!

Choose from:

  • Alligator BabyPre-School to Grade 2. Kristen’s baby brother is born at a zoo instead of a hospital. Her overwrought parents repeatedly bring home the wrong infant?first an alligator, then a seal, then a monkey. Finally, brave Kristen takes off on her bike and locates the misplaced “people baby.” Thanks to the brave, smart big sister, the babies get sorted out, “And everything was okay…until Kristen’s mother had twins.” Storytime audiences will cackle as Kristen examines each baby, pointing out the animal parts (claws, flippers, tails, etc.) that convince her none of these creatures is her new brother. The silliness escalates in the ebullient watercolor illustrations. Kristen’s mother tosses hair curlers out the car window on the first trip to the zoo, leaving her hair to twist wildly for the rest of the story. The animal youngsters have a grand time visiting the humans’ house. The seal balances shampoo on its nose while it plays in the bathtub; the monkey swings from the chandelier.
  • We Share Everything: It’s the first day of kindergarten and Amanda and Jeremiah have a problem. They both want to read the same books. They want to paint with the same paints. And they refuse to share. The teacher tells them, “Look. This is kindergarten. In kindergarten we share. We share everything.” Everything? Amanda and Jeremiah decide to take their teacher at her word. But what can they share? They begin by switching their shoes, and end up wearing each other’s outfits! Now Jeremiah is wearing Amanda’s pink shoes, pants and shirt and Amanda is wearing Jeremiah’s clothes. Together they show their teacher that sharing really can be fun!
  • Up, Up, Down: Best-selling author and illustrator Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko team up to create this comical adventure about an energetic little girl named Anna who loves to climb! Anna ignores her mother’s constant earning to “Be careful! Don’t climb!,” even after she falls down from scaling the refrigerator and the side of the house. One day, Anna manages to climb all the way up a palm tree, but the descent leaves her frantically hanging from a leaf. When her parents come to the rescue, the tables are quickly turned when her mother and father are the ones hanging from the tree instead!