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The perfect assortment for a satisfying meal! Gift to a new home-owner or take as a hostess gift that everyone can enjoy. This unique looking pewter wire basket contains all the necessities for a full belly, including Pasta Sauce, Red Pepper Jelly, Party Dip and Breadsticks. Remember to top it off with an authentic tart yet sweet Spanish red wine, included.


  • “Jioce Breadly” Crispy Greek Breadsticks – With a tomato, feta, oregano and olive oil flavor, these are the perfect accompaniment to a hearty salad or a cheese plate.
  • Rummo Linguine Pasta No.13 – The method of making this pasta comes directly from the traditional and artisan way. It includes careful research into the best ingredients, handling them with care and without hurrying and by respecting their needs and characteristics.
  • “Arte and Vita” Pita Crisps Roasted Garlic and Sundried Tomato – Artizan’s crunchy, tasty and nutritious brand of Oven Baked Pita Crisps are made with primarily plant based ingredients and are inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Candy Brittle – Crunchy, buttery goodness in every piece. This brittle uses natural, quality ingredients and is made in the traditional way.
  • “Orange Crate” Sundried Tomato Party Dip – The fastest way to make an unforgettable dip for a social event. Just add the spices to sour cream or yogurt and stir together!
  • Red Pepper Jelly – Surprise your sandwiches, cheese and roasted meats with this zesty-sweet relish by natural food company Provisions.
  • “Our Nature Home” Greek Organic Chili Infused Olive Oil – This cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil is made in Greece and has a light but distinct flavor of chilies.
  • “Seggiano” Organic Tomato Passata – These organically grown tomatoes from southern Tuscany are harvested in August for bottling. Passata di Pomodoro is an essential kitchen basic and useful as a foundation for a variety of sauces and baked dishes.
  • Tea Towel – A cute kitchen tea towel, with a delightful design, made from quality cotton. A staple for every kitchen.
  • Resso Garnacha Tempranillo Red Wine – With a complex and full-bodied taste, this Spanish wine pairs well with beef, pasta and poultry.

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