Suit Up With Me


Selecting your bridal party is an important moment by asking your closest ones to stand by your side when you say “I Do”. Begin your memories with an announcement gift to your girls and personalize the crate, flask and card.


  • the BOW TIE book
    • The perfect adornment for the bookshelves of today’s modern gentleman, The Bow Tie Book is the first illustrated book devoted to the classic menswear accessory. “If you have a swagger, a bow tie can be a badge of courage…The bow is not for the timid of heart…but a beautifully asymmetrical, slightly tousled bow is a perfect look for a romantic nonconformist man of style.” —GQ style writer Glenn O’BrienFrom its humble beginnings around the necks of seventeenth-century Croatian mercenaries, the bow tie has evolved to become one of the signature accessories in the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. The Bow Tie  Book
  • 375ml Belevedere Vodka
  • Stainless Steel Flask

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