Treasure Chest Small


A rustic dark wooden chest with metal studs and finishes acts as the perfect base for a gourmet treasure chest. Filled with wonderful items that range from savoury to sweet this is definitely one treasure chest worth opening!

Ma’s Kitchen Bark: With a recipe that’ll taste just like grandma used to make, this handcrafted chocolatey butterscotch nuts bar will definitely win anyone over. Made with whole ingredients, this bark from Ma’s Kitchen is an all-time favourite for any age!

Castello Brie Cheese: A soft, white cheese with a mild, slightly aromatic taste. It has a soft, almost spreadable texture with a taste that is similar to camembert. This cheese is paired perfectly with crispy vegetables, fresh bread, roasted hazelnuts, fruity aromatic wine and much more!

Collection 82 Peanut Butter Caramel Corn: Premium popping corn is dipped in a caramel sauce then drizzled with creamy peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Fine Cheese Co. Walnut, Honey & Olive Oil Crackers: : Perfect when paired with any cheese, this cracker is intentionally subtle so as to never overwhelm the cheese. Flavoured with walnut, olive oil and a drizzle of honey, these crackers are perfect addition to any charcuterie board.

Butter Pretzels: Crunchy and lightly salted, these smooth butter pretzels are an old time favourite and are a staple snack food item!

Oolala White Truffle Oil & Parmesan Chips: Starting off with the best potatoes, cut and made to perfection. The sprinkling of white ruffle, parmesan and olive oil add that exquisite unique touch making this an unforgettable flavour.

Waterbridge Chocolate Butter Biscuit Thins: Impeccably thin wafers are dipped and drizzled in various Belgian chocolates for a rich and luxurious snacking experience

Indulge Gourmet Maple Kettle Corn: : A proudly Canadian company, Indulge Gourmet uses only the finest ingredients to create this delectable sweet yet savoury snack

Dufflet Nutt-e Milk Chocolote & Toasted Hazelnut:  : Filled with toasted hazelnut slivers, milk chocolate and hard crack caramel, these Nutt-e bars are the perfect scrumptious snack!

Mixed Nuts: The perfect blend of crowd favourite nuts including peanuts, cashews and almonds.

Chocolat Classique Cocoa Truffles: Made in Canada, these decadently smooth chocolate truffles are coated with a dusting of fine cocoa powder to give it that scrumptiously exquisite taste.

Mellanium Montepulciano D’abruzzo Red Wine: Deep ruby in colour with intense flavours of raspberry, layers of black fruit, raisin and baking spices. The ripe tannin and refreshing acidity make this a great wine for sipping on its own or pairing with charcuterie and red meats.


* Due to increasingly warm weather, we are unable to ship fresh cheese, salami and certain chocolates outside the Greater Toronto Area. All items will be replaced with a similar item of equal or higher value.